Textile Design Companies

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Textile Design Companies

Famous design companies produce lots of products that influence the market and become iconic. You need to research and know about at least 2 companies for your exam.

Illustrative background for GAPIllustrative background for GAP ?? "content


  • An American company that sells clothes around the world.
  • GAP originally designed clothes for younger people but now produces clothing for all ages.
  • GAP is known for its support of sustainable design (making clothes using materials that won’t impact on the environment) and its ethical approach to manufacture (good working conditions and wages for staff).
Illustrative background for PrimarkIllustrative background for Primark ?? "content


  • Known for its affordable clothing with many items sold at cheaper prices compared to other retailers.
  • Primark has more than 320 stores across 11 countries and has had global success.
Illustrative background for Under Armour Illustrative background for Under Armour  ?? "content

Under Armour

  • An American sportswear company by a former American Football player.
  • The company developed moisture wicking sportswear thats allows people wearing it to remain cool and dry.
Illustrative background for ZaraIllustrative background for Zara ?? "content


  • A Spanish clothing company that uses ‘just in time’ production where things are made just when they are required.
  • Zara has worked with Greenpeace since 2011 to reduce toxins and pollution from its clothing.

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