Physical & Working Properties

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Physical Properties

All materials have physical or inherent properties.

Illustrative background for AbsorbencyIllustrative background for Absorbency ?? "content


  • The material's ability to absorb or take on an element such as water, electricity, heat or light.
Illustrative background for DensityIllustrative background for Density ?? "content


  • How compact is the material.
  • The mass of the material per unit volume.
Illustrative background for FusibilityIllustrative background for Fusibility ?? "content


  • The material's ability to be converted through heat to a liquid state and then fused (combined) with another before cooling down as one material.
Illustrative background for Electrical conductivityIllustrative background for Electrical conductivity ?? "content

Electrical conductivity

  • The material's ability to conduct electricity.
Illustrative background for Thermal conductivityIllustrative background for Thermal conductivity ?? "content

Thermal conductivity

  • The material's ability to conduct heat.

Working Properties

All materials respond to a certain environment or in a certain manner.

Illustrative background for StrengthIllustrative background for Strength ?? "content


  • The material's ability to withstand force such as tension, shear or pressure.
Illustrative background for HardnessIllustrative background for Hardness ?? "content


  • The material's ability to resist abrasive wear and indentation through a sudden impact.
  • Very hard materials can become brittle and can crack, shatter or snap suddenly.
Illustrative background for ToughnessIllustrative background for Toughness ?? "content


  • The material's ability to absorb energy through shock without fracturing.
Illustrative background for MalleabilityIllustrative background for Malleability ?? "content


  • The material's ability to deform (change shape) under compression without tearing, splitting or cracking.
Illustrative background for DuctilityIllustrative background for Ductility ?? "content


  • The material's ability to be stretched out or drawn out into a thin wire strand without breaking.
Illustrative background for ElasticityIllustrative background for Elasticity ?? "content


  • The material's ability to return to its original shape after being compressed or stretched.

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