Technical Textiles

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Technical Textiles

These are textiles that have had their fibres spun in a way that makes them enhanced fabrics. For example conductive fabrics, fire-resistant fabrics, kevlar and microfibres incorporating micro-encapsulation.

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  • Gore-Tex is a thin membrane in between an outer material and liner.
  • Gore-Tex is waterproof, windproof, and breathable which allows moisture to escape whilst keeping it away from the body.
  • These materials are commonly used in outdoor clothing such as ski wear, mountain wear, walking boots, gloves and sportswear.
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Poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide (Kevlar)

  • Kevlar is a yellow/gold natural material which can be coloured and weaved to form a fine coarse structure.
  • Extremely strong, hard-wearing, cut and tear-resistant, high thermal protection, non-flammable with good chemical resistance.
  • This material is commonly used in body armour, helmets, bulletproof vests, safety clothing, extreme sports equipment, audio music and musical instruments.
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Conductive fibres and threads

  • A conductive thread is a silvery thread or fabric that can be woven or sewn into textile designs.
  • This thread can pass an electrical current along its length linking electronic components and allows for flexible, wearable technology.
  • This material is used in the connection of wearable technology, Bluetooth connectivity and speakers in clothing, children’s electronic toys and anti-static clothing.
Illustrative background for Fire-resistant fabricsIllustrative background for Fire-resistant fabrics ?? "content

Fire-resistant fabrics

  • This fabric is a close woven textile that can be coloured.
  • This thread can resist heat and ignition from a naked flame.
  • This material is used in fire blankets, firefighter’s safety clothing, gloves, aprons and racing car driver protection.
Illustrative background for Microfibres and micro-encapsulationIllustrative background for Microfibres and micro-encapsulation ?? "content

Microfibres and micro-encapsulation

  • Microfibres are a fine synthetic woven fibre that can be coloured.
  • This fibre can be statically charged to pick up dust, filter particles and is absorbent yet fast drying.
  • These materials are commonly used in medical textiles, fabrics, cloths, towels, high tech clothing which can be anti-bacterial and insect repelling.

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