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A linkage is a group of rigid links or levers connected together to create a range of movement. Linkages are used to change the type, direction and/or force of a motion.

Illustrative background for Bell crank linkagesIllustrative background for Bell crank linkages ?? "content

Bell crank linkages

  • A bell crank linkage changes the direction of motion through 90°.
  • It can be used to change a side to side (horizontal) motion to an up and down (vertical) motion.
Illustrative background for Push/pull linkagesIllustrative background for Push/pull linkages ?? "content

Push/pull linkages

  • The push/pull linkage keeps the direction of motion the same for the input and the output.
Illustrative background for Reverse motion linkages  Illustrative background for Reverse motion linkages   ?? "content

Reverse motion linkages

  • The reverse motion linkage reverses the motion of the input and giving an opposite output motion.

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