Polymers: Finishes

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Polymers don’t need a finish as they are self-finishing. Additional finishes can be added to polymers to enhance the product.

Illustrative background for Spray paintingIllustrative background for Spray painting ?? "content

Spray painting

  • Spray painting can add colour and pattern to polymers.
Illustrative background for Vinyl decals Illustrative background for Vinyl decals  ?? "content

Vinyl decals

  • Vinyl decals can be added to polymers to add images or lettering.
    • For example, signs.
Illustrative background for FlockingIllustrative background for Flocking ?? "content


  • Flocking can add fake hair to a polymer product.
    • For example, a toy horse.
Illustrative background for Engraving and frostingIllustrative background for Engraving and frosting ?? "content

Engraving and frosting

  • Engraving and frosting are used for signs.
Illustrative background for Heat transferIllustrative background for Heat transfer ?? "content

Heat transfer

  • Heat transfer can add images and patterns to polymers.
    • For example, sub-printing.
Illustrative background for Hydrographic printingIllustrative background for Hydrographic printing ?? "content

Hydrographic printing

  • Hydrographic printing adds colours and patterns to polymers.
    • The image or pattern float in a tank.
    • The object is dipped into the tank.
    • The image wraps around the object.

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