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Ergonomics is the study of human interactions with products. How a product looks, feels and works can make a difference to its success. Anthropometrics is the measurements of humans such as their height, weight, size and reach.

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  • A good example of great ergonomic shape is the PC mouse and how comfortably it fits into your hand.
  • Ergonomics is also how easy something is to use.
    • For example, a kettle allows you to see how much water is inside it.
  • It has a light to show it is switched on along with a removable base. All these features improve the ergonomic design
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  • The clothes we buy come in set sizes such as small medium or large.
  • 5th – 95th percentile is ensuring the product you design would fit and suit 90% of the target market.
  • To get these sizes companies will measure people to understand how big or small a product needs to be.

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