Types of Movement

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Different Types of Movement

There are four main types of motion (movement) in mechanical devices: linear, rotary, reciprocating and oscillating.

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Linear motion

  • Motion in a straight line in one direction.
    • E.g. A train.
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Rotary motion

  • Motion in a circular motion around a central pivot point.
    • E.g. A children’s roundabout.
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Reciprocating motion

  • Backwards and forwards motion in a straight line.
    • E.g. A bicycle pump.
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Oscillating motion

  • A swinging motion backwards and forwards.
    • E.g. A playground swing.
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Examples of motion on a bicycle

  • Linear motion: The top of the bike chain moving forward.
  • Rotary motion: The wheels turning round.
  • Reciprocating motion: The seat being moved up and down.
  • Oscillating motion: The handlebars turning or the action of the brake lever being pressed.

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