Paper & Board: The Six Rs

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The Six Rs

Reduce, refuse, re-use, repair, recycle and rethink. The six Rs have been introduced to allow designers, engineers, and consumers to protect the environment and people.

Illustrative background for ReduceIllustrative background for Reduce ?? "content


  • In terms of paper, reducing is the idea of keeping things paperless or reducing the amount of paper we use to print.
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  • We can refuse products that use excessive material.
  • We can choose local products that have fewer (reduced) air miles or have used sustainable resourcing for their material selection and production.
Illustrative background for RepairIllustrative background for Repair ?? "content


  • We can choose to fix boxes and packaging to allow its reusability and prevent it from being thrown away, this will also have an effect on its shelf life.
Illustrative background for RecycleIllustrative background for Recycle ?? "content


  • In terms of recycling paper companies and packaging companies aim to use these recycling symbols:
Illustrative background for Reuse Illustrative background for Reuse  ?? "content


  • A key point to remember is that recycling paper turns the paper into a pulp which is then remade into paper.
  • Reusing paper is different. This is when the paper is used again as it is.
Illustrative background for RethinkIllustrative background for Rethink ?? "content


  • Rethinking is perhaps the most important as the right thought process and the right ideas can help to end issues surrounding the environment.
  • For example, some local councils use rewards through a points-based system to promote the correct methods of recycling for paper and other materials.
  • This positive method enables more paper to be used, recycled and remade.

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