Metals: Social Issues

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Working Conditions & Human Rights

Poor working conditions and human rights concerns are some of the key social issues associated with the use of metals.

Illustrative background for Labour rights and working conditionsIllustrative background for Labour rights and working conditions ?? "content

Labour rights and working conditions

  • Metal extraction and production involve intensive labour.
    • For example, mining operations and manufacturing processes.
  • Workers face hazardous working conditions, low wages, long hours, and limited access to basic labour rights.
Illustrative background for Child labour and exploitationIllustrative background for Child labour and exploitation ?? "content

Child labour and exploitation

  • In some regions, the mining and production of metals have been linked to child labour and exploitative practices.
  • Children may be involved in dangerous mining activities.
    • This deprives children of education.
    • This subjects children to physical harm.
    • This subjects children to mental harm.
Illustrative background for Conflict mineralsIllustrative background for Conflict minerals ?? "content

Conflict minerals

  • Certain metals are associated with conflicts.
    • For example, tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold are associated with conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Conflict minerals can be used to finance armed groups and perpetuate violence.
Illustrative background for Indigenous rights and land displacementIllustrative background for Indigenous rights and land displacement ?? "content

Indigenous rights and land displacement

  • Metal mining often takes place near lands that were inhabited by indigenous communities.
  • The extraction of metals can infringe upon the rights of indigenous peoples.
  • The extraction of metal can lead to:
    • Land displacement
    • Environmental degradation
    • Loss of cultural heritage

Environmental Impact & Mining Practices

The use of metals can give rise to several social issues, depending on factors such as mining practices and environmental impact.

Illustrative background for Environmental ImpactIllustrative background for Environmental Impact ?? "content

Environmental Impact

  • The extraction of metals can have severe environmental consequences.
  • Mining operations can cause deforestation, habitat destruction, soil erosion, and water pollution.
    • This leads to ecological imbalances.
    • This harms local communities.
Illustrative background for Health and safety risks Illustrative background for Health and safety risks  ?? "content

Health and safety risks

  • Metal mining can expose workers and nearby communities to health hazards.
  • Exposure to toxic substances like lead and mercury can have long-term health effects.
    • For example, respiratory problems, neurological disorders, and developmental issues.
Illustrative background for Waste managementIllustrative background for Waste management ?? "content

Waste management

  • The production of metals generates significant amounts of waste.
    • For example, hazardous byproducts.
  • The improper management of metal waste can result in pollution of water bodies, soil, and air.
    • This poses risks to human health and ecosystems.
Illustrative background for Supply chain transparencyIllustrative background for Supply chain transparency ?? "content

Supply chain transparency

  • The complex global supply chains for metals often lack transparency.
    • This makes it difficult to trace the origin and conditions under which metals are produced.
    • This makes it difficult to address social and environmental issues.
Illustrative background for Addressing social issuesIllustrative background for Addressing social issues ?? "content

Addressing social issues

  • Efforts are being made by various stakeholders to address the social issues involved with the use of metals.
    • Stakeholders include governments, NGOs, and industry groups.
  • Sustainable and ethical practices are being promoted in the metal industry.
    • Initiatives include responsible sourcing and certification programs.

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