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Famous designers can help influence your designs and provide you with inspiration for your ideas. You need to analyse, research and investigate at least two past or present designers.

Illustrative background for Norman FosterIllustrative background for Norman Foster ?? "content

Norman Foster

  • Norman Foster is s a famous architect who designed the ‘Gherkin’ building in London.
  • This building uses less energy than buildings of a similar size and is well recognised around the world.
  • Lord Norman Foster also designed Wembley Stadium, the Millennium Bridge and City Hall in London.
Illustrative background for Marcel Breuer Illustrative background for Marcel Breuer  ?? "content

Marcel Breuer

  • Was the head cabinet maker at the Bauhaus and is famous for the Wassily Chair.
  • This was the first chair to be made from tubular steel and leather, which was influenced by bicycle handlebars.
  • Bauhaus design movement is based on simplicity and geometrics.
Illustrative background for Aldo Rossi Illustrative background for Aldo Rossi  ?? "content

Aldo Rossi

  • Was an Italian designer who was famous for his drawing and design theory.
  • His architectural design influenced the post modern movement, which was about designs not following normal rules.
  • Furniture could look quite bizarre, very colourful and use different materials.

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