Timber: Tools, Equipment & Processes

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Measuring and Marking Tools

Measuring devices are used to ensure wooden product parts fit together to make functional furniture, products or toys.

Illustrative background for Rulers and dividers Illustrative background for Rulers and dividers  ?? "content

Rulers and dividers

  • Rulers can help to measure pieces of wood and can help to correctly measure wood joints.
  • Dividers can mark the wood and stay at the exact measurement you want.
  • Dividers will mark the wood using its own pointed end for further accuracy.
Illustrative background for Retractable tape measures and vernier callipersIllustrative background for Retractable tape measures and vernier callipers ?? "content

Retractable tape measures and vernier callipers

  • Retractable tape measures can be used to get rough measurements and are a favourite for the concerning woodworker for their ease of use and transportability.
  • Vernier callipers can measure internal and external distances.
    • These are brilliant to use on superficial objects.
Illustrative background for PencilIllustrative background for Pencil ?? "content


  • The pencil is commonly used and as long as it is sharp it is very effective in seeing where you have marked.
  • The carpenter's pencil is a good choice for marking out as you do not have to sharpen it as much.
  • It will glide very well against a measuring tool and is easy to sharpen with a craft knife.
Illustrative background for SquaresIllustrative background for Squares ?? "content


  • Squares are able to correct alignment if the wood is not square, as long as the wooden stock is pressed against an aligned edge then it is effective.
  • Combination squares offer more angles for a woodworker to produce and can help when producing the correct angles for photo frames.
Illustrative background for Sliding bevelsIllustrative background for Sliding bevels ?? "content

Sliding bevels

  • Sliding bevels are able to produce the same chosen angle every time.
  • By maintaining its position it can prove to be a valuable time saver for the woodworker.
Illustrative background for Marking gaugesIllustrative background for Marking gauges ?? "content

Marking gauges

  • Marking gauges are effective in setting a distance once and producing a visible mark along with an edge of wood for example.

Hand Tools

Hand tools are the first kind of tools invented to cut or modify the material.

Illustrative background for Hand sawsIllustrative background for Hand saws ?? "content

Hand saws

  • Hand saws are used to cut into the wood at many angles.
Illustrative background for Marking knivesIllustrative background for Marking knives ?? "content

Marking knives

  • Marking knives can mark materials so they are ready to cut or modify.
Illustrative background for PlanesIllustrative background for Planes ?? "content


  • Planes can shave a large amount of material off and make materials smooth.
Illustrative background for Chisels Illustrative background for Chisels  ?? "content


  • Chiselling can take a significant amount of material off, which allows for quick production of a variety of joints and patterns.
Illustrative background for HammersIllustrative background for Hammers ?? "content


  • Hammers can allow nails and pins to fix two materials together.
Illustrative background for ScrewdriversIllustrative background for Screwdrivers ?? "content


  • Screwdrivers can drive screws into a piece of wood to create a more secure fixing than just nails alone.

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