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Paper and Card Sizes

Paper sizes are specific to three groups as determined by the international standards organisation (ISO). These groups are:

Illustrative background for A seriesIllustrative background for A series ?? "content

A series

  • A series - the most commonly used size found in schools, business and home.
Illustrative background for B seriesIllustrative background for B series ?? "content

B series

  • B series - for larger prints and poster work.
  • This size would be used in professional printing companies or industry.
Illustrative background for C seriesIllustrative background for C series ?? "content

C series

  • C series - this is often used for envelopes.
Illustrative background for Mounting Illustrative background for Mounting  ?? "content


  • Some paper and card sizes are bigger than paper to aid in mounting.
  • This allows for a natural border to be created.
Illustrative background for RollsIllustrative background for Rolls ?? "content


  • Paper also comes in rolls which can be cut down or used on large format printers.
  • Again, these papers have varying thicknesses and finishes to aid the company in producing its product.
Illustrative background for Colour Illustrative background for Colour  ?? "content


  • Paper and cards can be produced in a variety of colours, this can aid presentation and offer schools an option of creating dynamic and eye-catching displays.

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