Timber: Ecological & Social Footprint

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Ecological and Social Footprint

Ecological issues in the design and manufacture of products.

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Ecological issues

  • Ecological issues in the manufacture and use of timber exist widely and due to the amount of timber that is used it results in a large amount of waste and processing.
  • The full processing and production of woods means that there are many waste processes at every stage.
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  • A major issue is deforestation. This affects local habitats and wildlife.
  • Birds cannot flock and make nests and insect populations start to decrease.
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  • Some woods are used as fuel, for example being burned on barbecues.
  • This releases CO2 which is harmful to the environment.
  • These emissions are detrimental because of the fact that we are using an environmentally-friendly material and burning it which is having the complete opposite effect.

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