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Sources and Origins

It is important to understand how timbers are processed, seasoned (drying wood so the moisture content is reduced), converted and how composites are made.

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Mature timber

  • Timber is derived from hardwood and softwood trees that are of the correct age, often referred to as mature.
  • A tree is classed as mature at the point where the tree will not grow in a significant way but will generally maintain its shape and structure.
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Maturation times

  • Hardwoods and softwoods take different times to mature.
  • Softwoods take 10-15 years to mature. This makes them desirable for furniture companies like IKEA.
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  • Hardwoods take longer to mature but tend to look better due to the lack of knots and close grain structure.
  • Oak is a prime example of a hardwood which is the choice wood for Oak Furniture Land.

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