Social Footprint

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Social Footprint

The social footprint of textiles refers to the impacts of the textile industry on society.

Illustrative background for Labour conditionsIllustrative background for Labour conditions ?? "content

Labour conditions

  • The textile industry is associated with poor working conditions and low wages.
    • Low-income countries are associated with poor working conditions.
  • Poor working conditions include:
    • Long hours.
    • Unsafe workplaces.
    • Lack of proper benefits and protections.
Illustrative background for Child labourIllustrative background for Child labour ?? "content

Child labour

  • In some regions, child labour is still prevalent in the textile industry.
    • Children are forced to work instead of attending school.
Illustrative background for Exploitative practicesIllustrative background for Exploitative practices ?? "content

Exploitative practices

  • Sweatshops and exploitative labour practices exist in some parts of the textile industry.
    • Workers are subjected to substandard conditions.
    • Workers are denied their rights.
Illustrative background for Gender and social inequalityIllustrative background for Gender and social inequality ?? "content

Gender and social inequality

  • Women often constitute a significant portion of the workforce in textile industries.
  • Women face a number of challenges in textile industries:
    • Women are frequently subject to lower wages.
    • Women are frequently given fewer opportunities for advancement.
Illustrative background for Community impactsIllustrative background for Community impacts ?? "content

Community impacts

  • Textile manufacturing can have both positive and negative effects on local communities.
    • Textile manufacturing can provide jobs and economic development.
    • If not managed responsibly, textile manufacturing can lead to environmental degradation and social disruption.

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