Manufactured Board

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Manufactured Board

Manufactured board is a natural timber that is combined with adhesive to make a composite material.

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Manufactured board

  • Manufactured board is a natural timber that is combined with adhesive to make a composite material.
    • Examples include MDF, chipboard and hardboard.
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  • Boards like MDF, chipboard and hardboard are shredded or pulped wood compressed together with a resin and compression.
  • Sometimes a thin veneer is put on the top of a composite material which improves the aesthetics of the material.
  • A higher price can be charged for materials that have been veneered as they offer strength, aesthetics and value for money.
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Lamination techniques

  • Plywood and blockboard are made using lamination techniques.
  • If the wood is laminated together with the grains all facing the same way the strength of the wood will not be increased.
  • However, if the grains of the wood within the layer are at alternate angles then you will increase the strength.
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Plywood and blockboard

  • Plywood is a great example of this type of lamination.
  • Blockboard is similar but uses lengths of wood with a veneered board on the top.
  • This offers a better surface finish than plywood.

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