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The impact of new and emerging technologies affect people in different ways:

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Technology push

  • Technology push is where a new technology is invented and then designers or engineers use it in a new product. Technology is pushing the innovation of a new product.
  • It is not led by consumer demand, however it is appealing to people as it produces innovative products and increases choice.
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Examples of technology push

  • Examples include:
    • Dyson developed the cyclone technology inside his vacuum cleaners creating a bagless design.
    • Touch screen technology was integrated into mobile phones.
Illustrative background for Market pullIllustrative background for Market pull ?? "content

Market pull

  • Market pull is where consumers have a need or desire for a new product and it is then developed and produced. This could be a new product or an upgrade.
  • This is led by consumer demand and helps to maintain brand loyalty and create new customers.
Illustrative background for Examples of market pullIllustrative background for Examples of market pull ?? "content

Examples of market pull

  • Examples include:
    • The culture of taking a selfie and posting on social media lead to a demand for smartphones to have integrated forward facing cameras.
    • The social pressure put upon companies to help the environment, led to the development of biodegradable plastic bags that degrade after use.
Illustrative background for ChoiceIllustrative background for Choice ?? "content


  • People now have a lot more choice about the products they buy.
  • They can shop all over the world and products are posted to their door.
  • The market is competitive so prices are kept low.
Illustrative background for Changing job rolesIllustrative background for Changing job roles ?? "content

Changing job roles

  • More technological advancements and automation means machines are replacing low-skilled workers.
  • The industry is changing all the time and people need transferrable and adaptable skills to keep up.

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