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New and emerging technologies have changed places of work to include automation and robotics. Design teams can now work together remotely, with increasing productivity and accuracy, saving money and time.

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Automated production lines

  • Production lines are automated using intelligent machines and robotics.
  • Products are manufactured faster and more accurately.
  • Fewer employees are needed as machines can replace people.
  • Only a few skilled engineers are needed to maintain the machines.
  • This improves efficiency and reduces human error.
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Efficient workflow

  • The workflow is organised to make the layout of the building efficient.
  • This removes unnecessary time spent moving from one place to another.
    • As a result, manufacturing becomes more efficient which saves time, money and waste.
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Virtual modelling

  • Virtual modelling is used to develop designs.
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is used to explore different ideas.
  • Computer-Aided Testing (CAT) can analyse the strength and efficiency of a design.
  • No physical models have to be made which saves time, money and waste.
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Virtual workspaces

  • Virtual workspace enables a design team to collaborate remotely.
  • The internet and increased speed of data transfer have led to shared online workspaces.
  • Designs can be prototyped using Computer-Aided Manufacture (CAM).
  • There is no need to rent office space, and travel time and expenses are reduced.

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