Polymers: Sources, Origins & Properties

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Sources, Origins, and Properties

Plastics can be made from different recourses and methods. Chemicals and compounds can be added to polymers to change the properties of plastic.

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What is plastic made from?

  • Plastics can be made from petrochemical resources such as oil.
  • Some plastics are made from natural materials such as rubber.
  • Newer bioplastics such as corn can be grown.
    • Grown bioplastics are better for the environment because they biodegrade relatively quickly.
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  • Refining is the process of turning crude oil into a usable material.
    • This is where the oil is heated up so the different materials separate out in a tank.
  • Refining produces petrol, gases, oil, and polymers.
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  • Cracking turns large hydrocarbon molecules into smaller ones.
    • Large hydrocarbon molecules aren’t good for plastics so making them smaller makes them usable.
  • Heat and pressure break the large molecule down.
    • A catalyst can also be used to break the molecule down.
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  • Chemicals and compounds can be added to the polymers to change their properties.
    • Pigments allow the plastic to be different colours.
    • Plasticisers make the plastic more flexible and bendy.
    • Fragrances can be added to make the polymers smell nicer.
    • Stabilisers can be added to make the plastic resistant to UV rays which makes the plastic fade.
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Biodegradable plastic

  • Biodegradable plastics are newer plastics that are better for the environment.
    • Examples of biodegradable plastics include PLA for 3D printing and PHB used in water bottles.
  • Biodegradable plastics come from corn and starch-based plants.
  • Biodegradable plastics fully biodegrade if composted which means they can't be recycled.

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