Categories of Polymers

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Categories of Polymers

Polymers are split into two categories: thermoforming polymers and thermosetting polymers.

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Thermoforming polymers

  • Thermoforming polymers can be recycled, reheated, and reshaped many times.
    • This makes thermoforming polymers better for the environment.
    • Any waste from manufacturing a product can be used again in making another product.
  • The majority of everyday plastic products are made from a thermoforming polymer.
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Thermosetting polymers

  • Thermosetting polymers can only be heated and shaped once.
    • This makes thermosetting polymers difficult to recycle.
    • Thermosetting polymers are worse for the environment.
  • Thermosetting polymers are very good thermal and electrical insulators.
    • This makes thermosetting polymers ideal for plugs and plug sockets.

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