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Enterprise involves converting an innovative idea into a commercial product. The internet and social media have allowed many more people to promote ideas and find ways to finance them.

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  • Crowdfunding is typically an online platform where designers pitch an idea and ask for investment.
  • Lots of people make small contributions, choosing to invest in interesting ideas.
  • Designers can raise large amounts of money to finance their project.
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Virtual marketing and retail

  • Virtual marketing and retail include advertising a product or service using popular websites and social media.
  • A wide range of people can be reached.
  • Celebrities or influencers promote products or brands through social media posts, blogs and vlogs.
  • Adverts can be posted on popular sites.
  • Websites can complete search engines optimisation to ensure they are more visible on keyword searches.
Illustrative background for Co-operativesIllustrative background for Co-operatives ?? "content


  • Groups of people with a common interest or goal form a co-operative.
  • Members can be part of the workforce and the customers.
  • Each member of the group has an equal share and say in the business.
Illustrative background for FairtradeIllustrative background for Fairtrade ?? "content


  • The workers and farmers who produce materials in developing countries are given more equality. This includes:
    • A fair price for their produce.
    • Respectable working conditions.
    • Better protection of their working and living environments.

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