Metals: Tools

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There are various simple tools used to work with metal.

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  • Hammers come in different sizes and shapes.
    • For example, ball-peen hammers, cross-peen hammers, and mallets.
  • Hammers are used for shaping, bending, striking, and driving nails into metal.
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  • Pliers are versatile hand tools.
    • Pliers are used for gripping, bending, and cutting metal.
  • Types of pliers include combination pliers, long-nose pliers, diagonal cutting pliers, and locking pliers.
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  • Vices are mechanical devices.
    • Vices are used to hold and secure metal pieces while working on them.
  • Vices provide stability and allow for accurate shaping, drilling, and cutting operations.
    • In metalworking, bench vices and drill press vices are commonly used.
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  • Metal files have abrasive surfaces.
    • Files are used for shaping and smoothing metal surfaces.
  • Files come in various shapes.
    • For example, flat files, round files, half-round files, and needle files.
  • Files can remove burrs, shape edges, and achieve precise dimensions.
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  • Chisels have sharp cutting edges.
    • Chisels are used for cutting or carving metal.
  • Chisels come in various shapes and sizes.
    • For example, flat chisels, round nose chisels, and diamond point chisels.
  • Chisels are used for tasks like removing material, making grooves, or cutting notches.

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