Paper & Board: Scales of Production

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Scales of Production

Paper and boards can be produced en masse (in masses), continuous or batches.

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Mass production of printer paper

  • The most popular papers such as laser jet paper for printers are produced en masse (in masses).
  • This makes manufacturing costs lower, resulting in a cheaper retail price.
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Heavier papers

  • The heavier boards or papers that have an increased amount of secondary processes can result in higher costs, this is simply because of the specialist nature of these paper/boards.
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Rolls of paper

  • Rolls of paper are made as continuous production.
  • Products like kitchen rolls, for instance, are seen in nearly every home.
  • The high demand has lead to further improvements of cost and manufacturing which is passed onto the consumer.
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  • Paperback and hardback books are different prices due to the density of hardback book covers.
Illustrative background for PrototypesIllustrative background for Prototypes ?? "content


  • One-off production or prototypes are often printed on high-quality laserjet printers.
  • This is slower but allows a design company to produce intended drafts of their graphics or prints.

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