Paper & Board: Properties of Materials

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Properties of Materials

It is important to understand which properties are making the products that we use effective.

Illustrative background for LeafletsIllustrative background for Leaflets ?? "content


  • Flyers and leaflets could be made from standard laser jet paper that is found in the printer but it does not offer the aesthetics and strength of gloss paper.
  • Gloss paper is slightly thicker and photographs and graphics look visually impacting on its glossy surface.
  • For this reason gloss paper is the chosen paper type for leaflets.
Illustrative background for Sandwiches Illustrative background for Sandwiches  ?? "content


  • Standard card, which sometimes includes acetate, is used to package sandwiches as it is not very absorbent and holds its shape under pressure well.
  • It is also cost effective to package a product that only lasts for a few days in this way.

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