Paper & Board: Shape & Form

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How to Shape and Form Using Cutting, Abrasion, and Addition

This sections covers six different shaping and forming instruments and techniques for paper and card.

Illustrative background for ScissorsIllustrative background for Scissors ?? "content


  • Scissors offer a simple way of cutting straight and curved lines on thin card and paper.
Illustrative background for Stanley knivesIllustrative background for Stanley knives ?? "content

Stanley knives

  • Stanley knives are used to allow for cutting of boards and some thin sheet materials.
Illustrative background for Surgical scalpelsIllustrative background for Surgical scalpels ?? "content

Surgical scalpels

  • Surgical scalpels can cut very precise shapes but they are very sharp.
Illustrative background for Circle cuttersIllustrative background for Circle cutters ?? "content

Circle cutters

  • Circle cutters offer a similar blade but can cut accurate circles using the diameter.
Illustrative background for Perforation cuttersIllustrative background for Perforation cutters ?? "content

Perforation cutters

  • We can use perforation techniques to partially crease the paper or card using a perforation cutter.
Illustrative background for Guillotines and paper trimmersIllustrative background for Guillotines and paper trimmers ?? "content

Guillotines and paper trimmers

  • Lastly, guillotines and paper trimmers can cut large sheets of paper or card.

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