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Social Issues in the Design and Manufacture of Products

It is important for paper manufacturers to ensure safe working conditions, fair pay, and good relations with local communities.

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Working conditions

  • It is incredibly important to ensure there are safe working conditions and fair pay for workers who manufacture paper.
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Local community

  • Sometimes the support of local companies and local workers help to increase the economic value of that town/city.
  • An example of how local paper companies try to make an impact is by producing Christmas cards with the card they manufacture and Christmas crackers with the paper they produce.
  • They make this available to consumers too which is a nice gesture to the local town that they are based in.
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  • Some paper companies have been under the spotlight for their lack of health and safety for employees.
  • A fire broke out in a paper mill company that led to resources and paper being destroyed, health and safety concerns for employees and environmental impact on the local area including mammals and birds.

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