Paper & Board: Standards Components

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Standards Components Used in Paper

Paper and boards need components to help them be more useful and functional.

Illustrative background for Standard components include:Illustrative background for Standard components include: ?? "content

Standard components include:

  • Velcro pads.
  • Drawing pins.
  • Treasury tags.
  • Staples.
  • Paper fasteners.
  • Stickers.
  • Ribbons.
  • Tape.
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Drawing pins and treasury tags

  • Drawing pins can hold up posters print out and photographs on most surfaces especially display boards.
  • Treasury tags can hold paper together in a ring binder style but is light and allow for easy transportation.
Illustrative background for Staples and paper fastenersIllustrative background for Staples and paper fasteners ?? "content

Staples and paper fasteners

  • Staples allow many sheets of paper (usually A4) to be joined in the corner or along the margin which can create a formal business document or booklet, these can be removed with a staple remover.
  • Paper fasteners allow for rotary motions and movable joints when papers are joined together by these.
Illustrative background for Stickers and ribbonsIllustrative background for Stickers and ribbons ?? "content

Stickers and ribbons

  • Stickers can act as labels on top of card and paper; using self-sticking and reusable properties it makes for an excellent component to be used with paper and board.
  • Ribbons can be used to prepare paper in a temporary decorative way e.g. fastening gift paper around a present.
Illustrative background for TapeIllustrative background for Tape ?? "content


  • Tape, masking tape and double-sided tape can be used to make paper move and stay in a certain direction or fix permanently.

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