Environmental Impact

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Environmental Impact

The textile industry has a significant impact on the environment.

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Toxic chemicals

  • Some chemicals that are used in textile production can be harmful to human health and the environment.
    • For example, certain dyes and finishes.
  • The chemicals can impact both workers and consumers.
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  • The production of certain textiles relies on wood pulp from trees.
    • For example, rayon and viscose rely on wood pulp.
  • Using wood pulp from trees leads to deforestation and habitat destruction.
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Microplastic pollution

  • Many synthetic textiles shed microplastics during washing.
    • For example, polyester and nylon shed microplastics.
  • Microplastics can end up in water bodies and harm marine life.
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Addressing environmental issues

  • Addressing environmental issues requires input from various stakeholders.
    • For example, consumers, brands, governments, and non-governmental organizations.
  • Essential steps to address the environmental issues include:
    • Sustainable practices.
    • Responsible sourcing of materials.
    • Recycling initiatives.

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