Metals: Tools & Equipment

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Tools & Equipment

There are various types of tools and equipment that are used in metalworking.

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  • Drills are used to create holes in metal.
    • Hand drills, power drills, and drill presses are used for metalworking.
  • Drill bits are used for efficient hole creation.
    • Twist drills and step drills are designed for metal.
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  • Metal saws are used for cutting through metal.
    • Hacksaws, coping saws, and jeweller's saws are used to cut metal.
  • Power tools are used to cut metal in large-scale operations.
    • Power tools include band saws and reciprocating saws.
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Taps and dies

  • Taps and dies are used for threading operations in metal.
    • Taps are used to create internal threads.
    • Dies are used for external threads.
  • Taps and dies are used for creating screw threads, repairing threads, and making threaded connections.
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Welding equipment

  • Welding tools are used to join metal pieces together by melting and fusing them.
    • Welding torches and welding electrodes are commonly used in metalworking.
  • Welding is a common method for metal fabrication and repair.
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Safety equipment

  • Safety equipment should be used to ensure personal safety during metalworking.
  • Safety equipment includes safety goggles, gloves, ear protection, and respiratory protection.

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