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Tolerance in Quality Control Systems

In quality control systems, materials are cut, shaped, and formed to tolerances.

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Cutting and shaping

  • Materials can be cut to form parts.
    • These parts need to be identical.
  • Forming identical parts is not always possible.
  • If we were to cut each material to size, there would be mistakes.
    • This is why tolerances are introduced.
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  • Tolerance is the acceptable dimension that a piece of material can be.
    • 1mm more or less than the specified measurement is usually tolerated.
  • Tolerance does not allow for mismatched products to slip through the net.
    • Tolerance allows products to be tested, checking if they meet quality standards.
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Go / no-go systems

  • A go / no-go system is a gauge that tests against the tolerances set for a part.
    • The test can only be passed if you meet the 'go' requirement.
    • The test can only be passed if you fail the 'no-go' requirement.
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Example of go / no-go systems

  • If a polymer rod fits the specified hole, it meets the 'go' requirement.
    • If a polymer rod falls through the slightly larger hole, it fails the 'no-go' requirement.
  • If either of the tests does not pass, the part needs to be redesigned or remanufactured.
    • The part must fit within the tolerance boundaries.

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