Timber: The Six Rs

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The Six Rs

The six R’s (reduce, refuse, re-use, repair, recycle and rethink) are a good way to determine the effectiveness of timber as an environmentally friendly material.

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  • We should consider reducing the amount of wood we use and cut down.
  • We could make products smaller or simply use less wood to help the environment.
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  • Reusing wood and making products from existing discarded furniture is absolutely essential if we are to maintaining the environment which also allows us to give products a new lease of life.
  • Too many times furniture is discarded on landfills and these are burnt and destroyed, we could easily have a system where these pieces of furniture are upcycled to prolong the life of wood as a material.
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  • More needs to be done to refuse certain practices.
  • Refusing in some instances is important because it makes a statement that we need to stop using certain woods that are near enough extinction which can help to prolong the life of these woods.
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Refuse cont.

  • When certain trees are brought into the country as saplings, they have to go through a process where they are checked for infections in case of insect infestations which can spread disease across native trees.

The Six Rs

The six R’s (reduce, refuse, re-use, repair, recycle and rethink) are a good way to determine the effectiveness of timber as an environmentally friendly material.

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  • Recycling wood can result in materials like chipboard and MDF.
  • These materials are absolutely key in ensuring there is an environmentally friendly approach and materials are being taken care of.
  • The only issue with MDF is the amount of dust it creates when being worked on.
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Recycle cont.

  • Recycling softwood to make a wood filler can be achieved by using the sawdust from the wood and mixing it with wood glue.
  • If you use the same sawdust as the wood you are then able to colour match which helps in terms of aesthetics.
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  • Many wooden products can be repaired easily.
  • Unfortunately, people often discarded products if they are broken or no longer needed to them.
  • Wooden products, with the help of sanding, filling and fixing, can be upscaled or fully repaired.
  • Essential DIY skills are needed for some projects.
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  • Many wooden products need rethinking completely.
  • Materials like bamboo which are strong and very fast growing, offer an alternative despite being slightly more complicated to produce as a sheet material.
  • Designers and manufacturers are looking at the use of woods with other materials in order to produce composites.
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  • Companies like B&Q are now offering free wood that would otherwise be discarded.
  • This is new modern thinking that shows business stepping in the right direction.
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  • IKEA have ownership of a forest in Romania, which helps it to manage waste and wood more efficiently.
  • This initiative is forward thinking and helps to protect the environment.

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