Metals: Quality Control Processes

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Quality Control Processes

There are a number of ways to implement quality control in metalworking.

Illustrative background for Supplier quality assuranceIllustrative background for Supplier quality assurance ?? "content

Supplier quality assurance

  • Establish quality assurance measures for the materials and services produced by the suppliers.
  • Quality assurance measures include:
    • Evaluating supplier capabilities.
    • Setting quality requirements.
    • Conducting audits.
  • Quality assurance measures ensure that the materials meet the specified quality standards.
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Employee training and competence

  • Provide proper training to the employees that are involved in metalworking processes.
  • Training should cover:
    • Quality control procedures.
    • Process specifications.
    • Equipment usage.
    • Quality assurance techniques.
  • Skilled and knowledgeable employees can contribute to better quality control.
Illustrative background for Corrective and preventive actionsIllustrative background for Corrective and preventive actions ?? "content

Corrective and preventive actions

  • Implement a system for identifying defects or deviations from quality standards.
  • Corrective and preventive actions include:
    • Investigating root causes.
    • Implementing corrective actions to address issues.
    • Establishing preventive measures to avoid recurrence.
Illustrative background for Document controlIllustrative background for Document control ?? "content

Document control

  • Maintain the proper documentation for quality-related documents.
  • Quality-related documents include:
    • Procedures.
    • Work instructions.
    • Inspection records.
  • Document control ensures compliance with quality standards.
Illustrative background for Continuous improvementIllustrative background for Continuous improvement ?? "content

Continuous improvement

  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement by:
    • Encouraging feedback.
    • Monitoring performance metrics.
    • Conducting periodic reviews.
    • Implementing actions to improve quality control processes.

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