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Power Tools

Power tools are hand tools with added speed or power generated from electricity or until more recently, batteries.

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  • The drill is a very common first power tool for many.
  • It is versatile and relatively cheap.
  • It can perform a variety of drilling in various diameters, thicknesses and can be applied to most materials.
  • The latest drills now have batteries which can help to make them even more portable.
  • Speed setting and torque settings also allow the drill to screw in screws.
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  • A router can create channels and cuts into a piece of wood in many directions with varying depths.
  • It uses a rotary cutter that can be guided in many directions.
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Circular saws

  • Circular saws are excellent at cutting sheet materials quickly and effectively.
  • Using different circular blades you can guide machines in straight lines to cut most materials.
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  • A sander can reduce, smooth and prepare wood so that the end product is safe and aesthetically pleasing for the user.
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  • A jigsaw can cut straight lines and shallow curves so that any shape can be produced from sheet materials.

Machine Tools

Machine tools are loud, expensive and bulky but they offer speed and precision and are a must for the intermediate woodworker.

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Table saws

  • A table saw is essentially a circular saw which is mounted on a table.
  • Greater accuracy and speed is achieved using a table saw.
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Band saws

  • The band saw is a very versatile saw which can cut a variety of materials at different angles.
  • It is essentially a blade passing through a table that holds the material.
  • The user can use the material to direct the cut and shape.
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Planer thicknessers

  • A planer thicknesser can reduce the thickness and smooth out sheet materials.
  • Once the wood has been laminated together the planer thicknesser can smooth the new sheet material down so there is an even finish.
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  • The lathe can turn wooden lengths of timber by applying a cutting tool to the spinning material.
  • It can be made into a cylindrical object such as a bannister.
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Pillar drills

  • The pillar drill, just like a drill, can drill holes of varying depths and thicknesses.
  • However the pillar drill will do this with accuracy and the potential for a straighter hole.
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Belt sanders

  • The belt sander runs on a belt and you are in charge of controlling the material against the rotating abrasive paper.
  • With time and practice, you will be able to smooth and reduce wood much faster with this machine than other handheld techniques.

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