Labour Conditions

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Labour Conditions

The textile industry faces various social issues that are associated with labour conditions.

Illustrative background for Poor working conditionsIllustrative background for Poor working conditions ?? "content

Poor working conditions

  • In many countries, textile workers endure poor working conditions.
  • Poor working conditions include:
    • Long working hours.
    • Inadequate safety measures.
    • Lack of proper ventilation.
  • Poor working conditions can result in health issues and occupational hazards.
Illustrative background for Low wages and exploitationIllustrative background for Low wages and exploitation ?? "content

Low wages and exploitation

  • Textile workers often receive low wages.
    • Low wages make it challenging for workers to meet basic needs and improve their living standards.
  • Some workers face exploitation, forced labour, and unsafe working conditions.
    • For example, workers in informal and unregulated sectors.
Illustrative background for Child labourIllustrative background for Child labour ?? "content

Child labour

  • There have been international efforts to combat child labour.
  • Child labour still exists in some regions within the textile industry.
  • Children are often engaged in hazardous work.
    • This deprives them of education.
    • This deprives them of healthy childhoods.
Illustrative background for Forced labour and human traffickingIllustrative background for Forced labour and human trafficking ?? "content

Forced labour and human trafficking

  • Some parts of the textile industry are associated with forced labour and human trafficking.
  • Vulnerable individuals may be trapped in exploitative working conditions against their will.
    • Vulnerable individuals include migrants and marginalised groups.
Illustrative background for Lack of labour rightsIllustrative background for Lack of labour rights ?? "content

Lack of labour rights

  • Workers in the textile industry may face challenges in organizing and forming labour unions.
  • Labour unions are organisations that advocate for workers' rights.
    • Labour unions demand better working conditions.

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