Metals: Surface Treatments for Metals

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Surface Treatments for Metals

There are a number of commonly used surface treatments for metals.

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Metallic finishes

  • Metal surfaces can be finished to achieve desired appearances.
    • For example, polished, brushed, or satin finishes.
  • Metallic finishes are achieved through mechanical processes.
    • For example, grinding, sanding, or buffing.
  • These mechanical processes alter the surface texture and appearance.
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Conversion coatings

  • Conversion coatings are applied to metals to improve their resistance to corrosion.
  • Conversion coatings provide a base for subsequent treatments or coatings.
  • Conversion coatings include:
    • Chromate conversion coatings.
    • Phosphate coatings.
    • Black oxide coatings.
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Case hardening

  • Case hardening is a heat treatment process.
  • During case hardening, the metal surface is heated and then cooled rapidly.
    • This process creates a hardened outer layer.
  • The hardened outer layer improves wear resistance.
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  • Nitriding is a heat treatment process.
  • During nitriding, nitrogen is diffused into a metal surface at elevated temperatures.
    • This process creates a hard and wear-resistant layer.
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  • Etching is a controlled chemical or electrochemical process.
  • Etching involves removing material to create visual and textural effects.
  • Etching is used to create:
    • Patterns.
    • Logos.
    • Designs.

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