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New products can have a positive and negative impact on the environment.

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Negative impacts

  • Time, resources and money are wasted in the design and manufacturing process.
  • This waste has a negative impact on the environment.
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Continuous improvement

  • At every stage of the process people look for ways to improve and small changes are made.
  • This process reduces waste and reduces the negative environmental impact.
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Factors that improve work efficiency

  • Re-organising staff.
  • Planning a production line so stages are next to one another to eliminate travel time.
  • Locating factories close to the source of the material or where it is sold to reduce travel.
  • Ordering the correct amounts of materials so waste is kept to a minimum.
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  • Products create pollution during their manufacture, use and disposal.
  • It is the designer's and manufacturer's responsibility to try and reduce this pollution, wherever possible.
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Global warming

  • Global warming is the gradual rise in temperature of the Earth, atmosphere and oceans.
  • The rise in CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are linked to human activity and industrial manufacture.

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