Paper & Board: Ecological & Social Footprint

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Ecological and Social Footprint

It is important to know and understand the social and ecological footprint that is left behind when papers and boards are produced.

Illustrative background for Deforestation Illustrative background for Deforestation  ?? "content


  • The deforestation of trees is an ongoing concern in the fight against global warming.
  • Trees are being cut down to be used for paper and boards.
  • It is important to ensure that proper management and sustainable use of forests are occurring at every stage in the production of paper and boards.
  • Recycling can solve the issue of deforestation and costs are reduced in the long run.
Illustrative background for Shipping costsIllustrative background for Shipping costs ?? "content

Shipping costs

  • Paper is commonly produced in large manufacturing based companies such as the USA.
  • The International Paper Company produces paper for nearly all continents including Europe.
  • This puts huge costs on shipping and fuelling as the paper has to travel all the way around the world to arrive in shops that are convenient for the customer.
Illustrative background for Landfill Illustrative background for Landfill  ?? "content


  • Due to a lack of education on recycling and reusing, the paper is often found on landfill sites.
  • These sites destroy habitats and visually pollutes the land.

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