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Quality Control

Quality control allows the quality of items produced to be kept to a high standard. This is incredibly important as each paper-based product needs to be the same size and of the same quality.

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  • This is the allowance allowed for products in terms of their accuracy of measurements and accuracy of build to allow for computer or human error.
  • This does not mean the product will be of low quality but there will be a threshold that each product needs to meet.
  • Products need to strive to be perfect but account for humans and machines sometimes making small inaccuracies.
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Example: A4 paper

  • For example, the measurements of an A4 paper are 22.1cm x 29.7 cm and if any of the papers measurements was was out by 0.5mm +/- then it would result in an inaccurate product.
  • From this, the measurement for the width is allowed to range between 22.05 cm and 22.15cm in order for it to be acceptable.
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Colour registration marks

  • Registration marks are used for prints and fabric prints.
  • The registration mark will be produced at the bottom of the finished piece.
  • If the registration mark is misaligned then it will not show the colours fitting in each sector perfectly.
  • The reason why this may happen is because of the misalignment of each or some colour plates.
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Visual inspections

  • The most common type of inspection used in most stages are the visual inspection, without this, there can be spelling errors or presentational errors such as wrong colours or graphics.
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Testing of early drafts and prototypes

  • To ensure there are fewer issues, prototyping and draft prints stop or limit the number of errors for the final print.
  • Drafts are usually printed on paper that is thinner or cheaper.
  • The reason for this is to ensure that the product is perfect before it goes forward for production.
  • This can save time and money but most importantly can ensure accuracy.

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