Binding Energy

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Binding Energy Per Nucleon

E = mc² is one of the most famous equations in science. It gave Einstein the important idea that massive amounts of energy could be released if nuclei were combined or split apart.

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Exothermic processes

  • The region to the left of the black dashed line shows where fusion of nuclei is an exothermic process.
  • The region to the right of the black dashed line shows where fission of a nucleus is an exothermic process.
  • Exothermic means that energy is released.
Illustrative background for Binding energy per nucleonIllustrative background for Binding energy per nucleon ?? "content

Binding energy per nucleon

  • The binding energy per nucleon is how much binding energy comes from each proton or neutron. The equation for binding energy per nucleon is given by:
    • Energy per nucleon = (binding energy) ÷ (number of nucleons)
    • En=Eb/n{E_n}={E_b}/n
      • Where n is the number of protons plus the number of neutrons.

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