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Einstein's Photon Model

Albert Einstein came up with the photon model of light to overcome the ultraviolet catastrophe.

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Black bodies

  • A black body is an object which absorbs and emits 100% of the radiation incident upon it.
  • Black bodies have a very specific emission spectrum.
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The ultraviolet catastrophe

  • Wave theory could not explain all of the intensity - wavelength graph for black bodies.
    • This was known as the ultraviolet catastrophe.
  • Wave theory predicted that the power output would continue to rise as the wavelength approached zero.
  • The observation was that the power output curved back towards zero.
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Einstein's photon model of light

  • Max Planck suggested that electromagnetic waves might only be released in quanta.
  • Einstein further suggested that electromagnetic waves can only exist in quanta, called photons.
  • The photon model was able to explain the photoelectric effect, and the ultraviolet catastrophe.

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