Moment of Inertia

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Moments of Inertia

A moment of inertia is a measure of how much an object will resist turning.

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  • The moment of inertia of an object is how much an object will resist turning. The equation for the moment of inertia is:
    • Moment of inertia = mass x (distance from the turning point)2^2
    • I=mr2I=mr^2
  • The total moment of inertia for a compound system is the sum of all the moments of inertia:
    • Itotal=Σmr2{I_{total}}={\Sigma}mr^2
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A massive ring

  • A ring of radius R and total mass M has a moment of inertia equal to MR2^2.
    • Iring=MR2{I_{ring}}=MR^2

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