Power and Conservation

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Power in circuits

When current flows through a component with resistance, power is dissipated.

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  • Power is the rate of transfer of energy.
  • As current flows through a component with resistance, work is done. This work is a power output.
  • Power could be heating something up, turning a motor, a buzzer making a noise or a bulb lighting up.
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  • The equation for the power output in a circuit is:
    • Power = current x voltage
    • P=IVP=IV
  • We can combine this with Ohm's law:
    • V=IRV=IR
  • To rearrange the power equation to give:
    • P=I2R=V2RP=I^2R=\frac{V^2}{R}
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  • Power is the flow of energy per unit time. We can find energy by multiplying power by time.
  • The equation for energy is:
    • Energy = power x time
    • E=PtE=Pt

Conservation Laws

In any circuit both charge and energy must be conserved. This means it cannot be created or destroyed.

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Kirchhoff's first law

  • The total current entering a junction is equal to the total current leaving a junction.
    • This means that the same amount of current that leaves the cell must arrive back at the cell.
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Kirchhoff's second law

  • The total electromotive force in a series circuit is equal to the sum of potential differences across each component.
  • Energy is put into the circuit by the voltage at the cell.
  • When current flows through a component there is a voltage drop.
  • The total of all the voltage drops across every component in the circuit must be equal to the amount of voltage put in by the cell.

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