Imaging Comparisons

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Imaging Comparisons

Different types of medical imaging are better for different jobs. You should be able to make comparisons between them all.

Illustrative background for X-ray Illustrative background for X-ray  ?? "content


  • Good to see broken bones,
  • Bad for soft tissue.
  • Ionising so its use must be limited.
  • Not safe for pregnant mothers.
Illustrative background for Ultrasound Illustrative background for Ultrasound  ?? "content


  • Good for soft tissue.
  • Safe for pregnant mothers.
  • Non-ionising.
  • Bad for boundaries with large differences in acoustic impedance, such as the lungs.
Illustrative background for PET scanIllustrative background for PET scan ?? "content

PET scan

  • A clear 3D image of the body.
  • Ionising.
  • Expensive.

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