Second Law & Engines

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Second Law and Engines

It is impossible for engines to work only using the first law of thermodynamics. The second law must also be obeyed.

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Source and sink

  • In order to obey the second law of thermodynamics, all engines need a source and a sink of heat.
  • Because the sink cannot be at absolute zero, no engine can be 100% efficient.
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  • Efficiency =WQH=QHQCQH= \frac{W}{Q_H} = \frac{Q_H - Q_C}{Q_H}
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Maximising efficiency

  • Maximum efficiency =THTCTH= \frac{T_H - T_C}{T_H}
  • To maximise efficiency, (TH - TC) must be large, but TC is usually limited by the temperature of the environment.
    • TH is limited by the material characteristics of the engine.
  • In modern systems, the use of QH and W is maximised, whilst practical uses for QC are sought.

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