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Comparing Datasets - Written Answers

To write comparisons of two data sets look at different statistical measures and compare the values between the two datasets: mean, mode, median, range, interquartile range, quartiles, outliers...

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  • Write a comment for each value you consider, stating whether it is roughly the same for each data set or whether they are different.
  • Make sure the comments are in context with the dataset.
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  • The box plots above give times for Year 10 and Year 11 students to run a race. What could we say about these data sets?
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  • The Year 10s had a median of just over 14 seconds whereas the Year 11s had a median of just over 16 seconds so the Year 10s ran quicker on average.
  • The Year 10s data has a larger interquartile range and a larger total range so their times are more spread out that the Year 11s.

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