Statistics Basics 2

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Continuous, Discrete and Grouped Data

Continuous data can take any value within a range. Discrete data can only take certain values. We can group continuous data.

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Continuous data

  • Continuous data can take any value.
    • E.g. Height.
      • A person can be any height (e.g. 180 cm, 180.1, 180.01 cm).
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Discrete data

  • Discrete data can only take certain values.
    • E.g. The number of animals in a pet shop.
      • There can be 35 animals or 36 animals but there cannot be 35.5 animals.
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Grouped data

  • We can group continuous data.
    • E.g. We might choose to group people's height into categories such as 160 cm < height ≤ 170 cm.
      • This category would include anyone who is taller than 160 cm but shorter than or equal to 170 cm.

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