Inverse Ops

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Inverse Operations

Inverse operations are the opposite of each other. If you do one after the other, the number (or answer) won’t change. If inverses appear in a row, you can just cancel them out.

Illustrative background for Addition and subtractionIllustrative background for Addition and subtraction ?? "content

Addition and subtraction

  • Adding 2 is the inverse of subtracting 2.
  • Adding 10 is the inverse of subtracting 10.
Illustrative background for Multiplication and divisionIllustrative background for Multiplication and division ?? "content

Multiplication and division

  • Multiplying by a number is the inverse of dividing by the same number.
Illustrative background for Square and square rootIllustrative background for Square and square root ?? "content

Square and square root

  • Squaring a number is the inverse of taking the square root.

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