Biome Features: Tropical Grasslands

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Overview of Tropical Grasslands

Tropical grasslands are also known as savannas. The African savannas, the Ilanos of Colombia, and the Australian plains are examples of tropical grasslands.

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  • Most of the plants in tropical grasslands are grasses or small plants.
  • Trees can live in tropical grasslands. The more rain there is in an area, the more trees that the tropical grasslands are able to support.
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  • Large mammals like antelope, lions, rhinos, and zebra live in the African savannas.
  • In the Ilanos of Colombia, large cats like jaguars and pumas can survive.
  • Lots of insects (beetles, grasshoppers, ants, termites, and mosquitos) live in tropical grasslands.
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  • In the dry season, the grass dies.
  • This dead organic matter creates a thin soil that is very rich in nutrients.
  • However, rainfall at the start of the wet season can wash these nutrients away.
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  • The tropical grasslands are found close to the equator. Because of this, tropical grasslands receive lots of sunshine and high temperatures of 20oC to 35oC.
  • Annual rainfall is 600mm-900mm per year.

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