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6,000,000 students use Seneca's online courses & tuition to boost their grades at school. Our free parent accounts let you monitor your child's progress & our tutors are always on hand to help!
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Proven to help your child learn 2x faster
Seneca's smart learning algorithms are academically proven to help your child remember topics 2x faster than traditional methods. If your child gets a question wrong, we’ll show them the content again in a different format and at the perfect moment. We’ve also hand-selected the best GIFs and memes on the internet so revision makes your child laugh instead of stressed.
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Bar chart showing that students using Seneca perform twice as good on exams than students who use revision guides
Seneca's free parent monitoring platform. Track your child's progress whenever you like!
Easy engagement with your child's learning
Parental engagement has a significant positive effect on child learning outcomes. Supporting your child with their studies begins with knowing how they're doing. We've put together an easy-to-use monitoring platform that puts your child's learning data at your fingertips. It's free and works on all devices!
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