Distance Learning: 3 ways to boost student participation
Rob Price
Teacher Community @ Seneca Learning
January 22, 2021

Distance Learning: 3 ways to boost student participation

We are delighted that Seneca's free remote learning platform has helped thousands of educators over the last year to deliver both synchronous and asynchronous teaching:

"Since we have moved to a hybrid model, Seneca has helped me create assignments that students can easily access in the class or at home. My students enjoy the format and I enjoy the ease of access."

- Nancy, Science Teacher in North Carolina

Now that many traditional methods of communicating with and motivating students are unavailable, we've all had to find new approaches & tools to achieve learning outcomes.

So what is best practice for encouraging student participation during distance learning?

1. Use a variety of media in lessons

Allowing your students to learn in a range of different formats is more important than ever while students are remote. Here are some ideas:

  • Virtual field trips - take your students around the world virtually! 🌎
  • Use Seneca for in-lesson activities - this blog covers common use-cases 🚀
  • Use video as you would in the classroom 🎥

2. Gamification

Challenges and friendly competition are great ways to excite and motivate students.

Seneca, Kahoot & Quizizz are just a few examples of free online platforms which can be used to pit students against each other in fun competitions.

3. Provide timely & useful feedback

Receiving feedback is so important for student engagement during their learning journey.

  • Reply promptly to emails and other queries when you can. 📧
  • Formatively assess your students regularly - find out more on how Seneca automates the assessment & grading process here. 📈
  • Students will be less motivated to participate in an assignment if they have not received feedback on their previous work. ⏰

What are your best tips for distance learning? Join the conversation on Twitter using #distancelearning and tagging @seneca_k12.

And if you'd like register your school for a free distance learning webinar, send a request to rob@seneca.io.

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